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How Do You Choose the Best Tree Service Company?

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What to look for when choosing a tree service company in Johnson City?



There are obviously more factors to consider when hiring a tree service company, whether you are in Johnson City, Elizabethton, Jonesborough or anywhere else in the Tri-Cities, TN area. While most people would prefer to save money by hiring someone under the table (or worse, trying to remove trees themselves), they are creating a huge unnecessary risk. If an uninsured worker damages your property in any way, you will be responsible for paying for the damages on your own. If you are claiming your tree services with an insurance company, they normally require a tree removal company to be licensed and insured before paying out any claims. The risk is simply not worth it.

Our company is fully certified, licensed, and insured to safely complete the tree removal job for you. We are some of the best arborists from Johnson City to Kingsport to Elizabethton, and will only remove a tree after making a careful analysis of its condition and presenting you with any advice if necessary.

If you are one of the braver homeowners wanting to get their hands dirty and take a shot at removing trees or tree limbs yourself, think again. Being in the tree service industry for many years, we have seen serious injuries and damages as a result these attempts.

What Makes Us The Best Tree Service Team in Johnson City?

We combine state-of-the-art commercial equipment, cabling & bracing techniques, advanced climbing techniques, manpower, and extensive experience to efficiently and safely cut down and remove your trees. Also, by supporting your local tree service company, you help guarantee more jobs for the community, and as a result, we are able to make tree removal more affordable.

With quality of work and your safety being our number one priority, our experienced arborists are always ready to address all your concerns before carrying out the task. Give us a call today to get a free complimentary visit to your property.

Emergency Tree Removal Johnson City TN

It is no surprise the beauty of the abundance of trees that Mother Nature has blessed us with here in Johnson City. While properly maintained trees can be valuable assets to any home or property, there may come a time where taking a tree down will be your best option.

This could be due to a variety of situations, from your trees growing dangerously close to electrical lines to a new construction site needing a plot of land cleared, to trees growing too close to our home or property, to hazard trees with decaying branches that are at risk of falling, there are many situations that can result in the need for professional tree removal. And when that time comes, we will be more than ready to help you with your tree removal projects.  Even if a storm compromised your trees or they got struck by lightning, tree removal is not always something that you can procrastinate on.


  • – A construction site or new plot of land to be cleared
  • – Trees become hazardous due to damage or decay
  • – You simply prefer them gone from your property
  • – Tree Growth is Near Electrical Power Lines
  • – Root systems are growing dangerously close to  underground piping or foundation

When the time comes when your trees need to go, we strongly advise you to reach out to your local professional tree service company to advise you of your options and take care of the job for you. Improper tree removal can cause major damage to your home or property and requires a level of expertise for proper wedging techniques, manpower, and tree removal equipment to safely fell your trees with minimal impact.

Tree Trimming Near Power Line in Johnson City TN

Everyday we get requests to trim and remove tree branches for local residents here in Johnson City. While the reason for the tree trimming can vary, the reality is that homeowners are becoming more and more aware of how important it is not to try to cut tree branches yourself if the tree is high up, branches are large, or the surrounding area cannot get damaged by a falling branch.

If you have attempted DIY tree pruning in the past, we do hope it was just on smaller trees. Larger trimming branches on larger and taller trees are hazardous and should be performed by a trained, licensed, insured, and experienced tree company or arborist. Arborists and tree climbers will have extensive experience for removing your tree’s branches safely without damaging the surrounding property.


    • – They can improve your tree’s health when done properly
    • – They can remove hazardous damaged or decaying branches
    • – In the way of a particular view (aesthetic purposes)
    • – Tree thinning or tree topping for winter

Regardless if you need a few hazardous tree branches trimmed or you simply want to improve your property’s curb appeal by cleaning up your trees, we are here to help you. We have the most experienced tree climbers in Johnson City that can trim and safely lower even the highest of branches you need gone. Contact us today to discuss all your tree pruning & trimming needs. We will be more than ready to give you a free estimate and consultation.

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Stump Grinding Johnson City TN

We all have seen them, whether in magazines, TV shows, or in our very own backyards. At times we sit on them, at times they bring back memories, but most of the time we want them gone. We are talking about STUMPS. Grinding and removing stumps from your property can be done in a day and bring you a number of benefits to last a lifetime. Treat yourself and get them removed. You will be happy that you did.


Avoid Tree Regrowth: Survival is the priority for all life forms, and stumps (once trees) are no exception. When you cut a tree down to a stump, they will use all of their nutrients and resources available in order to stay alive and grow back. The remaining roots may still be able to draw water and other nutrients from the soil underneath retriggering the regrowth process of new stems and leaves. Leaves can help stems thicken and eventually grow into strong branches again. By removing a stump and grinding it down completely, you eliminate all possibilities of the tree ever growing back. 

Out of the way: Imagine your child is running in the yard, only to trip on the stump and fall. Sometimes stumps are so close to the ground that the surrounding grass and shrubs may mask them. They often are responsible for damaging lawn mowers that go over them accidentally. 

Fewer Pests: A decaying and rotting tree stump is a paradise for a variety of insects such as termites, worms, beetles, and poisonous centipedes. If you want to avoid any risk of these insects biting you or your guests, or children playing nearby, removing your stump will also remove the very thing that houses these types of insects & bugs. 

No More Eyesore: Yes there are times where we would prefer to keep an old stump around as a natural place to sit on or rest something on, but most homeowners we speak with prefer stumps to be removed. Removing stumps reduces pests, gives more usable yard space, and is one less obstacle you have to deal with or look at.

While you could try DIY stump removal, it will be less of a headache to just have your stumps professionally removed by your local tree company that has a commercial-grade stump grinder. For the same cost of a small stump grinder you get at Home Depot or Walmart, you can save both time and probably money by letting a tree company take care of it. 

Forget “shortcuts” or “DIY hacks” like pouring harmful chemicals on them, burning them, or worse, yanking them out with a chain and a truck. They are not effective and often leave you with a bigger problem than you started with. Save yourself the headache and backache and let a professional stump removal team help get rid of them for good.

Land Clearing Johnson City TN

We provide commercial & residential land clearing services throughout Washington County and Sullivan County. Many homeowners (even some commercial developers) that we speak with initially believe that land clearing is an easy, almost DIY, type of task in their mind. What they may not realize are the many hazards and labor-intensive work that is involved in clearing a lot. Things such as brush clearing, large tree removal, excavating large boulders, filling large holes, leveling the land, demolition, and not to mention clean up & haul off.

Here is a list of common reasons & benefits why you would hire a land clearing company:

Residential or Commercial Development: When developing a brand new piece of land, lot clearing services will be needed. Trees need removal, buildings need demolishing, land needs leveling. There is a lot of preparation that is needed prior to construction

Forestry Mulching/Brush Removal for Trails: Trail clearing requests are fairly common in Johnson City, Kingsport and East Tennessee. Whether you need to clear a new trail for horses, cars, and ATVs to go through, or you simply want a walkway and hiking trail, we can help you

Protecting Wildlife Health: When overgrowth becomes too dense, the health of the vegetation can be affected. Clearing up lots of land can help in these circumstances

Prepping the Land for Agricultural Purposes: We can clear unwanted trees, brush, mulch, debris, and overgrowth. This helps prep the land & soil for agricultural and farming practices

Help Prevent Wildfires: Overgrowth of vegetation can lead to excess decay of branches and leaves. As the decaying vegetation dries out, a simple gust of wind can cause a wildfire to quickly spread. By clearing up old vegetation, you can help prevent unwanted and dangerous wildfires

Clearing a Path for Utilities & Fences: Marking your property lines with fencing, gates, or walls, as well as retrofitting it for power & water is a pretty common practice across East Tennessee. Properly clearing the surrounding land is necessary before constructing utility poles, walls, or fences

Preparing a Property for The Market/General Visual Improvement: Both tree removal and land clearing services in Johnson City can dramatically improve not only the overall look & aesthetic of your property, but its market value as well

Tree Removal in Johnson City TN


Professional tree services at fair prices, no cut corners, and years of experience is what sets us apart from the others when it comes choosing a tree company in Johnson City, TN.

While we are equipped to take even largest of tree service & lot clearing jobs, we still bring the personal touch to the table, treating every customer like family. You will quickly notice our immense passion for providing you with an outstanding experience, finishing jobs on time and within budget. Our reputation means the world to us. You can be confident that we will always go above and beyond to over deliver for our customers.

All of our climbers and groundsmen have years of professional experience providing outstanding residential and commercial tree services. On top of that we still maintain our license, bonds, and insurance so you can be confident that you will be covered no matter what. Give us a call today and see why we are one of the top tree service companies in all of Johnson City, Elizabethton, Jonesborough, and surrounding areas.



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