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Do you need help with your trees? Does your home or business suffer from large trees blocking your driveway or hanging onto your property? Instead of removing them yourself, have a professional do the job for you. Work with Johnson City Tree Removal Pros, a trusted tree removal company in Johnson City, TN.

Our professionals can handle all your tree cutting requests, from land clearing to tree removal, our experts in tree service Kingsport, TN. We also maintain our good name by providing fast and efficient services. As a customer, all you have to do is get in touch with our tree company or request a free quote to compare our services and prices.

From small homes in Johnson City subdivisions to established properties like the Johnson City Public Library, we are ready to serve both residential and commercial needs.


If you notice your tree is already dead, you may think it’s not important to get it removed. Perhaps you are even one of the few people who do not actually mind the look of a decaying tree smacked right in the middle of their yard. The reality is, however, that the tree will eventually decay to the point that it will fall, causing it to be a ticking time bomb that you hope you, your children, pets, or any property is not around for it to fall on. 

Let’s just say you got lucky and your decaying tree fell but did not cause damage – you still will be left with a big mess on your hands as well as an old stump that needs to be removed. This is why we suggest simply getting dead trees removed soon rather than later. 

There may be times where your tree is decaying without you even realizing it. 

Here are a few hints:

  • Cracks or splits in the trunk
  • Bark is beginning to fall off
  • Tree is suddenly leaning
  • Root sprouts (epicormic shoots)
  • Hollow Trunks & Decaying Branches
  • Appearance of fungi or mushrooms
  • Infestation of pests & woodpeckers

In short, CUT DOWN YOUR DEAD TREES. A simple oak tree can easily weigh 5,000 pounds. Imagine the damage it could do if it were to fall. You’ll be kicking yourself in the butt for putting it off. Take care of it today. Give us a call to safely remove your dead tree, grind its stump and haul it all off your property for good.

Tree Trimming Near Power Line in Johnson City TN

While tree removal overall is a hazardous task, we fortunately have help mitigating these risks thanks to the right equipment, manpower, and training. But even with all the help, equipment, and training in the world available today, there are still certain tree removal jobs that are extra hazardous due to their unique environmental factors. Despite these risks, we still do everything within our power to remove hazardous trees as they can cause damage to property and people. 

Here are a few scenarios:

Fire or Electrical Hazards –  Trees growing near power lines and transformers do not mix. Risk of power outages aside, these situations can easily cause both fires and life-threatening shock hazards to anyone in contact with the tree at ground level. Here is the scary thing: a tree does not even need to be physically touching a live power line to be extremely dangerous. Given the right conditions, electricity can actually arc from the electrical line to the nearby tree branch causing a deadly electrical current.

Public Safety – Trees with branches hovering over roads and sidewalks can be dangerous. Imagine a large tree branch suddenly falling over the highway. It’s an accident waiting to happen with serious consequences. Tree canopies over sidewalks should be inspected regularly as well to ensure that there are no decaying or rotting branches at risk of falling on people below.


Trees with Aggressive Root Systems – Trees with root systems the spider web out wide can sometimes cause major issues to sidewalks, foundations, structures, and underground water lines. Weeping Willows, Cottonwoods, a variety of Maples, Black Locusts, Elms, and white pines are a few examples. To be on the safe side, you want to either build 50-150 feet away from them or have these trees completely removed and their stumps grinded down.

If you have a tree causing hazards, give yourself the peace of mind knowing that things have been safely taken care of. Contact us today to take a look to make sure your property is safe again of any tree hazards.

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If you suspect your tree is diseased or infested with pests, contact a local arborist to perform a tree care assessment right away. They will either try to save your tree or advise you to consider removing your diseased or infested tree. 

Here are a few scenarios to consider:

Infestation Means More Pests – If your tree is already dead, it is hazardous and at risk of falling. But another reason you want to remove a dead tree is because it attracts a variety of pests. Insects ranging from centipedes to carpenter ants to termites all find a rotting & decaying tree to be the perfect home. 

Disease Can Spread to Other Trees – Depending on the disease, they can potentially affect other trees nearby. If you have a tree with cankers, apple scab, dutch elm disease, or even oak wilts, you should consider removing the tree to prevent further spread. 

Property Value & Curb Appeal – With the proper tree trimming and tree care, beautiful trees can actually raise the market value of your property. This is most especially good to hear if you are planning on selling your property. Diseased & infested trees, however, do the exact opposite and can negatively affect the market value of your property. Property value aside, why would you not want your home and yard to look good? Give us a call to get things taken care of for you.

Damage Liability – Should the unfortunate happen and branches from a decaying tree end up falling onto your neighbor’s home or property, you will be held liable for any damages that it may cause. Unhealthy tree branches due to disease and infestation drastically raise this risk.


Don’t let a diseased or dying tree linger on your property. Give us a call today to take care of things for good.

Emergency Tree Removal Johnson City TN

Over the years, your tree’s actual structural will eventually decline due to natural causes such as disease, decay, pests, or even natural disasters. While most tree removals can wait, there are times where your tree should be removed ASAP due to the safety hazards it potentially poses to people, pets, and property. As one of the reputable and affordable tree removal companies serving Sullivan & Washington County, we want you to be informed of the various circumstances that could arise, so you will know when emergency tree removal is necessary.

Visibly Damaged Roots – The health of the root system of your tree is absolutely vital to its survival. If you notice roots are significantly damaged, or even decaying, we recommend calling an arborist right away to take a closer look. Roots fuel your tree with nutrients to grow, and also serve as its foundation and structural support. If a trees roots are unstable, your tree has the potential to collapse at anytime, causing damage to the surrounding area.

Tilting One Direction – While some trees have a natural lean, you will be able to tell if something simply just does not look right. If you notice the degree of leaning increasing within a matter of months or less, you should contact a professional tree company to take a second look. 

Hollow Trunk – If the trunk of a tree has become hollow, it is no surprise that the tree has begun to decay or, at the very least, is less structurally stable. While cabling may help provide added support, your tree will likely need removal.

Damaged Trees – A more obvious reason for emergency tree removal is if the tree is already damage significantly. A bad fire or sudden lightning strike could do the trick. While more mildly damaged trees can survive for many years, we still always suggest having a tree care professional give you a second set of eyes to evaluate the risk.

A Natural Disaster –  Natural disasters easily account for the majority of our emergency tree service requests. While severe storms & hurricanes lead the way, our climbers have seen all types of trees and tree branch removal needed both after mother nature hits. Everything from tornadoes, to lightning strikes, to extreme winds and floods all can affect trees. We recommend removing trees or unstable branches prior to a storm to mitigate damage from a storm or hurricane.

Professional Tree Removal Company in Johnson City, TN

Tree maintenance is more than just a quick 30-minute walk in the garden with a pair of pruning shears. In most cases, you may not be equipped to deal with the problem, especially if there’s a large tree blocking your property.

Here at Johnson City Tree Removal Pros, we believe that the pros should do the work for your safety, health, and more.

Here are our top reasons:

· Reduce the risk of injuries. Working with trees can be dangerous. The tools alone can cause a cut or a scrape if not wielded correctly. Also, you are at risk for an electric shock, especially if your trees are near electrical lines. If you’re dealing with tall trees, you may fall off the ladder. Tree trimming professionals have experience in all of these concerns and have the right equipment to remove or maintain trees.

· Avoid damage to your home. If your trees are closer to your house or near electric cables, you may cause more damage to your property. Even if you manage to remove the tree while avoiding damage, what will you do with the stump? Our tree company is equipped for this challenge so you won’t have to worry about damaging your home.

· Clean up damage due to storms and natural disasters. Your yard may have been devastated after a major hurricane, snowstorm, and other natural disasters. Our experts know how to handle these situations. We make sure your property isn’t damaged further during tree evacuation. This way, you won’t have to pay a fortune for repair costs.

Other Common Tree Care Services We Cover

Some of our professional tree services include the following:

  • Tree trimming and pruning. Trust our certified arborists and their experience in the art of pruning and trimming. Our team considers each project as both a science and an art.
  • Tree health inspection and treatment. Our professionals also ensure the health of your tree and shrubs. From diagnosing tree diseases and removing insects to root protection and soil care, each aspect will be inspected by our tree doctors to create a custom plan for your case.
  • Tree removal services. We provide clients with a comprehensive tree removal plan from our years of experience.
  • Land clearing. We use heavy equipment to remove bushes, cut down trees, and haul away rocks that block your property. Once we’re finished, you’ll see a blank canvass where you can build another dream landscape.
Tree Removal Johnson City TN


Why is Johnson City Tree Removal Pros your choice tree removal company in Johnson City, TN?

  • Immediate solutions. Time is of the essence, especially to our clients. We offer fast solutions. Your needs will always be our priority.
  • Quality staff. Our experienced staff is committed to providing timely and accurate advice with quality customer services in all aspects of tree care.
  • Pride in workmanship. Every project, starting from your first call to us and finishing with site cleanup, receives great attention. Our tree care experts take all projects seriously and take pride in their job.

Don’t let tree problems disrupt your schedule. Instead of doing the work yourself, let the professionals do it. Call us now for a quote or to learn more.



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